Welcome to Learn the Oud!

OudI hope you enjoy the content and choose to learn to play this beautiful instrument from a true master. Mousa Omron was my grandfather, and I couldn’t be more proud of him and his amazing skill.

I built this site and put together these videos from a training course Mousa and his son Edward created in 1989. In his later years, Mousa personally taught many students who wanted to discover the beautiful sounds of the oud. My grandfather always loved to teach and share his music with anyone who would listen.

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Do You Want to Learn to Play the Oud?

Imagine if you could play an instrument that very few other people could play…

Have you ever wanted to create a distinct cultural sound and not known which instrument you need?

Mousa Omron Portrait 001Anyone can learn to play the oud. In fact, if you can play the guitar, learning to play the oud is just a few lessons away! And even if you’ve played a stringed instrument, you’re a few lessons from Mousa Omron and some practice away from learning.

After my grandfather’s death, I continuously ran into people who wanted to learn how to play my grandfather’s favorite instrument — the oud. I searched the internet to find any resource that someone could use to learn the oud.

I didn’t find much.

So when I discovered my grandfather taught many students how to play the oud and even created a training course, I immediately thought to bring my grandfather’s expertise to the rest of the world.

Mousa Omran Group 001This site and the DVD and oud lesson book available here are the results of months of hard work updating Mousa’s lessons. We hope you enjoy them and use them to gain a foundation for playing the oud that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

Whether you are a professional musician or someone who just finds the oud a beautiful instrument, my family knows you will be blessed to learn from Mousa Omron.

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